The Lovely Eggs – we’re power-chuffed to have that wonder-duo The Lovely Eggs joining us to headline the Saturday night. No introductions needed for them, unless you’ve been in a box for the last several years, but if you have been, then check out their recent chart-topping album ‘I am moron’ and wonder to yourself why you haven’t bought your tickets yet…

Modern Nature – heading up the Sunday night, this will undoubtedly be a deeply atmospheric way to end our seaside shenanigans. Check out current album ‘Island of Noise’ for an insight into their beautiful world, comparisons have been drawn with Radiohead and late-period Talk Talk amongst others, but their sound is utterly their own, and utterly beguiling. Not to be missed!

Pram – a Pram show is a relatively rare event, and our Friday night headliners have been on the UP wishlist for several years – in fact they were all set to play at the ill-fated 2020 event, so we’re really happy that they could make this one. A veritable audio-visual treat, newcomers to Pram will find a richly detailed collage of influences ranging from exotica, Krautrock and the forgotten film soundtracks that went on to inspire contemporaries Stereolab & Broadcast.

Bending Shapes – creating “dark electronic folk music for uncomfortable times”, Bending Shapes will be making their live debut as a 3-piece at UP2022. Sometimes delicate and sometimes brutal, but always with an atmosphere you could cut with a knife, expect to be unsettled…

Cursor Miner – no stranger to UP, Rob Tubb aka Cursor Miner has been treading the fine line between electronic music & performance art for many years, and we bloody love it. Current album ‘Inspiracy theory’ is a brilliant insight into the creative process, covering (amongst other things) “leadership, heroes, mental health, the environment, progress, science, rationality, spirituality, politics (inevitably), and why we do this crazy thing called music at all”

Dactyl Terra – every time we do an UP event, one of my favourite parts of the whole process is finding amazing new bands to entertain our typically open-minded and diverse crowd…and Dactyl Terra are one of my favourite finds for this year. I could try and describe them, but instead I’ll let you discover for yourselves, it’s much more fun that way. Why not start with their debut self-titled LP?

Deliquescent Crystals – a new project from native North Walesian Ben Powell (also performing at UP2022 as Llyn Y Cwn), Deliquescent Crystals sees him upping the tempo and adding beats, but typically the music is still as deep as the Arctic oceans that he traverses as part of his ‘day job’ as an oceanic research scientist.

ExP – another artist that we have been trying to nail down (not literally) for bloody years (literally), and finally, it’s actually happening. Creator of some of our favourite music of the last decade, Ben “ExP” Goodwin is a a hip-hop musician based in West Yorkshire. He has received public support for his music from icons such as DJ Format, Frankie Boyle, Rob Da Bank & Romesh Ranganathan amongst others. Working alongside killer turntablist DJ O.P.1, he brings universally relatable lyrics and beats to die for, with a fantastic ear for melody – you’re gonna love it!

Craig Fortnam – the virtuoso guitarist & composer / songwriter is well known for his work in North Sea Radio Orchestra & Arch Garrison, his solo work mines a rich seam of influences from folk to classical to post-rock and beyond. Check most recent album Ark’ as a fine example of the breadth of his beautiful work.

Haq123 – “Heavy sounds from the heaviest band from the heaviest city on earth. Aged 12 and 14 years respectively, singer Millie and drummer Zac make up two thirds of Birmingham-based power trio Haq123. The bass player is some older guy who used to play in Evil Blizzard”. Now embracing keyboards into their trademark sludge-core sound, Haq123 will kick you into Saturday like no-one else.

Jet Pack Dog – “Jet Pack Dog is a ritualistic gathering of Isaac Ray and Bethan Lloyd’s evolving musical disciplines. Dense occult tinged vocal layers intersect chopped up hardware noise and overdriven bass lines with a cascade of sampled drummers and distorted drum machine”. Sounded like fun to us, and so it was – another favourite discovery for UP2022.

Kendo Nagasaki – “No pissing about, just live, in the moment slabs of Class-A skronk.
Mr Darleydale – Trombone / Mr Measham – Drums / Mr Droitwich – Drums
Yep, that’s two drummers and…trombone. It’s taken us much longer than it should have to discover the joys of Kendo Nagasaki, but we’re very glad we have, as it means we can unleash them on you.

My Octopus Mind – “My Octopus Mind have developed a wild form of experimental rock using Balkan rhythms mixed with heavy psychedelic post-punk, wonky riffs and moments of haunting grace. All of this is delivered with a subversive approach to songwriting at its heart.” Sounds like some late-night fun for a Friday by the sea to us…

The Nature Centre – “The Nature Centre plays three-minute pop songs, stuffed with ideas like a suitcase packed too late. Debut album ‘Never Not’ is out now! Prog magazine called it “a miniature avant-pop masterpiece”, don’t ya know.”

Paddy Steer – it’s kind of a cliche to apply the word ‘genius’ or ‘unique’ to musicians and artists, but we have no fear in doing so in the case of Paddy Steer. He’s played for us many times and without fail delights, enthralls, and makes us laugh hard. We like him so much we even asked him to play at our wedding, and my Aunt Sheila just about pissed her pants with joy. Need any more enticement to check him out? Didn’t think so.

Yama Warashi – ‘Boiled Moon’ is absolutely one of our favourite albums of the last many years, so we’re super-stoked to welcome Yoshino and her band to play for us this year. Originally from Japan, now based in London, Yoshino started Yama Warashi in Bristol in 2015. The music is Inspired by Japanese folk dance, free jazz and tribal African music, and psychedelic music. Yama Warashi means mountain spirit in Japanese.