Second wave of artists added to the lineup

Very excited to announce the second wave of artists confirmed as appearing in June 🙂

Headlining Sunday night on the Unorthodox Stage will be Modern Nature, and I can’t tell you how chuffed we are about that. Having released a number of very well-received and critically acclaimed albums & EPs since 2019, this year’s ‘Island of noise’ LP (with it’s companion ‘Island of silence’) presents an obvious new peak in frontman Jack Cooper’s discography, combining his celebrated songwriting and compositional skills with a free flowing expansiveness coloured by British free music luminaries such as saxophonist Evan Parker, pianist Alexander Hawkins, bassist John Edwards and violinist Alison Cotton, as well as long-term collaborators Jeff Tobias and Jim Wallis. This will be the perfect wind down and mind-expander for a late June evening.

We’re also very pleased to be welcoming back perennial Paradox faves, and Brummie heroes, Misty’s Big Adventure, who should have a raft of new material to entertain, main man Grandmaster Gareth informs us, having been locked up for the last two years with little to do but finish all the songs he had lying around (which was a lot).

Final addition to the Unorthodox Stage (for the moment) is Kendo Nagasaki. Somehow, using undoubted ninja skills, they have managed to avoid our attention until now…but we’re very glad that we’ve finally discovered their noisy treats. Comprised of Mr Darleydale, Mr Measham & Mr Droitwich, this is dual drummer & trombone riffing action FTW.

Meanwhile, for Monkey Poet’s Paradox, we’ve also added a trio of delights…

Very privileged to have what will possibly be the debut live performance from The Owl Oscillation, a trio of twins spawned in a Hammer studio lab. She is Ms Spangle and he is Ms Understood.
In 1971 they entered a Song for Europe but were banned and forced into exile somewhere above Wigan.
Ms Spangle collects termite mounds displayed on bendy sticks. Ms Understood looks at them and cries.

Meanwhile, Van Gogh Find Yourself is an award-winning show, ‘Changing Lives One Portrait at A Time’. Hosted by Walter, you will be guided through a history of Van Gogh’s life, and invited to create your own sketch or painting in a non-judgmental environment. Rave reviews from everyone who has experienced it…

Finally, Gary Williams will perform a live looping set that stretches beyond the norms of that form, venturing from Eno-esque pedal steel ambience to visceral & noisy freakouts.

Stay tuned for more updates, including Saturday night’s headliner!