Chemtrails will bring it on Friday night!

Time to start making a bit of noise about what we have in store for UP2024, as it’s now just under 3 months away! As always we have scoured the deepest undergrowth of the UK music scene (and further afield) to find you wondrous new artistes to tickle your fancy, and over the next few weeks we’ll be highlighting just a few of them. So today’s offering comes from Chemtrails, who describe themselves as “Frantic post-garage-punk worship songs for a post-apocalyptic world”. Couldn’t have put it better myself. They will be bringing the noise on Friday night, and I will be there front and centre soaking it all in 🙂 Grab yourself some tickets if you haven’t already, and you can be there too. Check their new video for ‘Detritus Andronicus’, taken from current album ‘The joy of sects’ HERE