Safety & Security at Unorthodox Paradox

We want you to have the best time imaginable at our event and we believe that staying happy and staying safe go hand in hand.

Feeling under the weather?

Come rain or shine there are people on hand at Unorthodox Paradox to help with any complaint, whatever it may be. If you are ill or injured seek help from a first aider or speak to a steward who will be able to get help.


Please remember, drugs are just as illegal at Unorthodox Paradox as they are everywhere else. Events like this can be busy and overwhelming, and they are not a good place to experiment. We operate a zero tolerance policy on drugs.

Remember, as well as looking after yourself, it’s just as important to look out for others. If you see anyone who looks like they may need medical attention, please find a steward and let them know. Stewards are always on hand to help so if you see anything amiss don’t keep it to yourself, let them know.


We try our best to keep the site as safe as we can but we encourage you to do all that *you* can to keep your possessions as secure as possible.  Only bring the essentials with you, any valuables that you don’t need are best left at home.

Before you leave home also take a few minutes to register your gadgets with the UK National Property Register Immobilise.  This service is free and will help the police return your items to you if things go astray.

We are very happy to say that theft is an incredibly rare occurrence at our events, but it is always best to be cautious, so you are advised to follow the precautions below:

When sleeping in your tent or vehicle store your valuables well away from the door. The safest place to stow your most valuable items whilst you sleep is at the bottom of your sleeping bag alongside your stinky feet!

Bring only the cash cards you need, leave all non-essentials at home. Write down important phone numbers such as your banks emergency number to call if your card is lost or stolen. Don’t just save them on your phone in case, heaven forbid, you lose this as well!

Don’t leave any valuables unattended and split cash and cards into two stashes so if one is lost or stolen, you have a backup stash.

Your phone

If you are bringing your smartphone with you, there are many apps available on the market that can protect your phone so download one of these before you arrive on site. Even better, if you can do without a snazzy mobile phone for a weekend and there is an old phone knocking around at home that you can dust off and use, bring it along instead.  Alternatively, leave your phone at home and enjoy a weekend ‘off grid’

A few last points if we get hot weather over the weekend; be sure to keep yourself hydrated, know your drinking limits and slap on some sun cream!