To promote recycling and reduce the need for largely unnecessary waste management procedures, this year we are asking that wherever possible all attendees take their own recyclable waste back with them…this includes glass/paper/card/aluminium/cans etc. We will provide every group with a heavy duty bin liner on entrance (or request) in which you should keep your own waste, to take back with you when you leave and dispose of using your usual waste services or recycling.

There will of course be bins onsite for food waste, or if it simply isn’t possible for you to take your own waste away for some reason, but we urge everyone to take part in this initiative wherever possible.

We believe that we should all be aware of the products that we use and the waste that they create, and that we should – as a matter of course – be trying to reduce this. We will be using re-usable and recyclable glasses behind the bar as part of our attempt to make our events more environmentally friendly.