A ludicrously entertaining selection of music, comedy, spoken word, cabaret and DJs curated and hosted by The Monkey Poet, in collaboration with Weirdshire

Alula Down – Burt Bacharackhams – Craigus Barry – Bell LungsQuincey May Brown
Child Owlet – Cosmo – Johnny Giles – Benny Jones – Kitchen Cynics – Des Mannay
Ben McElroy – The Monkey Poet – Modulator ESP – The Steven Morricone Tyranny
Rufus Mufasa – Cod O’Donnell – Howie Reeve – Thick Richard – Ruth Wilson

DJ action throughout the weekend from the Unorthodox Disco Deviants:

Christy, D-Human, Deadbeat, DRPS, Grindi, Ronco K-Tel
Magick Temple, Sir Real, DJ Stacked, Sugarfoot DJs

…and with the return of the legendary WORM RADIO featuring Crazel, Li’l Arch, Marfy Marf and special guest MC Libbo