Q. Can I bring my dog / cat / goat?

A. YES. Well-behaved dogs (and owners) are welcome. It is of course your responsibility as a dog owner to ensure that you clean up any mess and dispose of in a suitable place.

(PS You can’t bring your cat or goat, sorry)
(PPS Maybe you can if you ask nicely)

Q. Can I bring little Timmy / Polly?

A. YES. However, unfortunately due to the very limited capacity onsite according to the licence, we’re unable to offer discounted tickets for children, as by doing so we would potentially make the whole event financially unviable. So while we have shied away from describing it as an 18+ event, and children will be welcome, we have to charge full ticket price for them as every body on site (including children, of any age) counts towards our capacity.

Q. Can I have a campfire?

A. A most welcome change to usual, YES you can have a fire as long as it is kept off the ground – so please use a firepit or similar, there should be some available to use if you don’t have one (a deposit / nominal hire fee will be payable). There will also be a communal fire for you to warm yourselves around in the evening. Cheap firewood will be for sale if you don’t want to bring your own, so please DO NOT scavenge!

Q. Can I bring my camper van / mobile home?

A. YES. Camper vans / mobile homes / caravans are all welcome, but please be aware that access to the site is by some narrow lanes, which may get muddy. If you have any concerns about access for your vehicle, please contact us and we will advise.

Q. Is there a shop nearby?

A. NO. Nearest shops are a drive / long walk away, so we suggest you come well prepared so you don’t have to worry about such mundane things as shopping for the duration of your stay.

Q. Can I bring my own booze?

A. YES. You are welcome to bring your own alcohol…but there will be a bar on site, which will be selling a wide range of very reasonably priced fine local ales / ciders / lagers and everything else you would expect from a bar. We encourage you to put your money behind the bar, and in doing so support Unorthodox Paradox and enable us to continue to put on wonky little events for your good selves.

Q. Will there be food available?

A. YES. ‘Mother May I’ kitchen will be cooking up delicious vegan fare for you at very reasonable prices. However, if you really must have that bacon sandwich in the morning, please bring your own, as we’re afraid you’ll have to make it yourself!

Q. In the site suitable for disabled people / wheelchair users or those with serious mobility issues?

A. NO. Sadly, due to the ‘rough and ready’ nature of the site, we are currently unable to accommodate you, as we don’t believe it would be 100% safe to do so.